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What Should My Wedding Timeline Actually Look Like?

July 31, 2023

Your wedding day is a HUGE investment with so many moving parts and memories to be made…. it’s understandable that when you consider creating a timeline to perfectly fit every piece of the day- it can feel impossible. Not only is a “timeline” daunting to figure out, but it can also make you feel like your day is overly planned instead of unfolding naturally.

However, it’s actually the exact opposite. A planned timeline with a professional person managing the timeline on your Wedding Day, is the ticket to ensuring you have every moment you want as organically as possible! You shouldn’t have to make anything happen on your wedding day, so having a realistic time frame planned for every component is the key to success!

Every Vendor Effects Your Timing

The beauty of your wedding day comes from so many talented individuals that you have personally entrusted to make your dreams come to reality! Every single one of your vendors have completely different calendars, set-up times, and time frames needed for set-up or drop off! When you hire professionals like us to create your timeline, we have the experience to time your vendors out easily!

Your timeline is not just about your memories but is also a guide for set-up and tear-down for all vendors. This will guarantee that your vendors will be on the same page!

Your Timing Should Be Realistic

Although a photo-op may only actually take a few seconds to get the shot, you have to be realistic about a few key details. You never want any memory-made rushed. When your day is unfolding, you want to be able to have every moment and every picture without worry. Buffering each moment with extra minutes will allow your photo or video team creative time and will allow your memories to happen effortlessly but still in good timing! Thinking about outfit changes, pinning boutonnieres, reading letters from each other- are all factors in the increments of time in your timeline. Although it is “planned” every memory happens smoothly due to realistic timing on a great timeline!

January 7th was a day filled with love and will forever mark the beginning of Rachel and Ben’s new journey together! Le Pavillon in Lafayette, Louisiana provided an elegant setting and was perfect for this timeless winter wedding! As soon as we arrived we could feel the excitement and warmth in the air from Rachel […]

Le Pavillon Wedding: Lafayette, LA

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She is thinking about things you aren’t thinking about, doing things you wouldn’t think to do, and taking care of stuff you would have lost had she not been there. The day of timeline that she created and communicated to our vendors allowed me the peace of mind that everyone knew where to be and when.

Katie was a vital part to making our wedding day flow so smoothly

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