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5 Questions To Ask During Your Venue Tour

January 10, 2024

Finding the perfect wedding venue is an exciting chapter of the wedding planning process. You’ve researched and have put together a list of your favorite local venues, you’ve checked their availability if you have a specific date in mind and pricing to know that they fit your budget – now it’s time to tour the space! As you step into the spaces that could become the backdrop for your special day, arming yourself with the right questions is an important piece to unlocking small details and crucial information.

We’re here to help you master the art of asking the right questions during a wedding venue tour, navigating all of the possibilities to ensure your wedding day is not only picture-perfect but also a seamless reflection of your unique love story. From logistics to ambiance, let’s unravel the secrets that will guide you towards selecting the right venue for the biggest day of your life!

1. How many guests can the space accommodate?

While you may fall in love with a space the moment you see it, determining it’s capacity is a critical step prior to booking. You will need to make sure the venue aligns with the size and scope of your envisioned wedding day.

For a large guest list you’ll want to ensure that there is enough room for guest seating, catering and bar setups, a stage for your band and a dance floor. Be sure to look for spaces that could create a potential bottle neck – these are most common at the entrance and bars.

If your guest list is small, you’ll want to make sure you don’t book a venue that’s too spacious, unless it can be broken into smaller rooms. A space too large could cause the tables to be spread far apart and the room will feel empty with too much extra space.

Regardless of your guest list size you want a space that will effortlessly accommodates your loved ones, making every moment memorable and comfortable for everyone in attendance.

Pro tip: You’ll want to have a good idea on your guest count BEFORE doing venue tours.

Wedding venue setup at Oakbourne Country Club Lafayette, LA

2. What are the food and beverage policies?

Inquiring whether a wedding venue provides in-house catering services is a pivotal question that can greatly impact the overall coherence and convenience of your celebration. Some venues will require in-house food and beverage services while others may offer in house services, but not require it. In house services will streamline the planning process, fostering a seamless collaboration between the venue’s team and your vision for the perfect wedding day. Venues with in-house catering typically have a deep understanding of their own facilities, ensuring that logistics such as kitchen access, storage, and service flow smoothly. Moreover, it can simplify communication and coordination, as the venue’s catering team is intimately familiar with the layout and intricacies of the space.

Some venues do not offer in house food and beverage services. In this case you will have to source a properly insured third party vendor to come into the venue and provide food and beverages for your wedding guests.

Pro Tip: If the venue allows outside caters in, be sure to ask what the policy is for using the venue’s kitchen.

Wedding guest table setup at Oakbourne Country Club Lafayette, LA

3. What is included in the rental fee?

This seemingly straightforward question is critical to understanding the true value a venue offers. From chairs and tables to linens and decor, knowing the inclusions helps you paint a comprehensive picture of the amenities at your disposal. It is common for these items to be included with the rental, but occasionally they must be brought in from an outside source or can be rented through the venue for an additional fee. Beyond the physical attributes, it sheds light on hidden gems like setup and breakdown assistance. By seeking clarity on the inclusions, you not only ensure that your expectations align with the venue’s offerings but also pave the way for a smoother planning process, allowing you to focus on the joyous moments rather than unexpected surprises. Make sure you know what your chosen venue brings to the table!

Pro Tip: If your venue does not include items like tables, chairs and linens then you will want to be sure to allocate a portion of your budget to rent these items.

4. What time do you and your vendors get access to the space on wedding day?

Understanding when you gain entry to the space is crucial for executing a well-coordinated event. From setting up decor and ensuring vendors have ample time to prepare to personal touches like getting ready onsite, the access timeline shapes the rhythm of the entire day. Some venues will allow more time to be added on wedding day for an additional fee if the time allowed in not ample for your setup. You’ll want to be sure to include this in your budget if it’s something you’ll need. It’s a small yet significant detail that contributes to the overall harmony of your wedding experience.

Pro tip: Venues often allow items to be setup the day before if another event is not taking place in the space, make sure to ask if this is a possibility!

Outdoor wedding setup at Oakbourne Country Club, Lafayette, LA

5. What’s the rain plan?

If you’re considering an outdoor venue, inquiring about the venue’s rain plan is a necessary step to add a layer of preparedness to your celebration. Mother Nature, with all her unpredictability, may have different plans for your special day, and knowing how the venue handles inclement weather ensures that your dreams won’t be dampened by unexpected showers. A solid rain plan not only demonstrates the venue’s commitment to ensuring a smooth event but also provides you with peace of mind.

Some venues offer indoor alternatives or have a built in covered area. Some will require a tent brought in from a third party rental company.

Understanding the contingency plans in place allows you to visualize your wedding day under various circumstances, ensuring that you’re equipped to navigate any weather-related challenges with grace and flexibility.

Pro Tip: Ask outdoor venues how often they spray for mosquitos and bugs to ensure guest comfort.

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