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3 Items to Pack for Your Photographer on Wedding Day

June 12, 2023

We all want those gorgeous, perfectly designed detail photos that we see in magazines and on Pinterest. There are so many photographers that are magicians when it comes to setting up a flat lay, but the truth is, you have to do some prep work prior to the wedding day to set your photographer up for success. A few weeks out from your wedding day, you’ll want to start packing what we call a detail box. This box will include all of the items you want your photographer to include in your detail photos. Insider tip – use your shoe box that your wedding shoes are in as your detail box, you’ll want your shoes included in the photos anyway! The possibilities of what to pack in your detail box are endless – stationery, ribbon, rings, ring boxes, family heirlooms, your something old/new/blue….the list truly goes on and on.

However in this blog we’re breaking down the items that we think make the biggest difference in your wedding day detail photos!

1. Wedding Bands

Contrary to popular belief – the best man should not have the wedding bands, not yet anyway! Be sure to pack both wedding bands in your detail box. You’ll want close up photos of both rings alone and together, you’ll also add in your engagement ring when your photographer arrives to get a shot of the entire ring set. Insider tip – Prior to the wedding day you will need to assign someone to ensure the rings get to the best man prior to the ceremony. If we’ll be at your wedding day – that’s us!!

2. Invitation Suite

When packing your detail box for your photographer the first thing you will want to make sure to include is your invitation suite. Your stationery sets the tone for your wedding day. You looked through tons of options, colors and fonts to ensure you picked the perfect ones and maybe even have a custom crest or your wedding venue on them – you’ll certainly want these photographed. Be sure to include your entire suite including your invitation, detail card, RSVP card and an addressed envelope. If you have them be sure to also pack your save the date cards and any showers/parties you had during your engagement. A full suite will give your photographer so many layout options and create great demsion for your detail photos! Keep in mind that these will be heavily used in your detail photos and have some fun with them when you’re designing them!

3. Loose Florals

Ask your florist to deliver a few loose florals with the bride and bridesmaids bouquets…we promise, they have extra! You don’t need a ton, a few simple flowers strategically placed can really make your detail photos pop and feel more elevated. If you get them from the florist it’s guaranteed that they will match your wedding colors and the rest of the wedding day florals perfectly. This will guarantee cohesion between your detail photos and all of the rest of your photos from the big day.

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