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Three Ways To Save Money On Your Flowers, Without Breaking The Bank!

July 10, 2023

It’s no secret that Florals for your wedding day are one of the heaviest expenses when it comes to considering your full budget! As Wedding Planners, we support our local Florists and

what they do for our Brides; we have learned so much from working with them and want to share that knowledge with you!

Many clients don’t do well with a Floral budget because they don’t know what to ask for when working to find their desired blooms at the cost they need! They also don’t know that Florists provide a variety of options to work with decor and are willing to help them find the perfect balance between dreams & budgets!

1. Be Honest With your Florist

You. Have. A. Budget. There, I said it and it’s out there! Trusting your florist with the honest truth of where your budget begins and ends will make the world’s difference in the services they provide you. When you begin a consultation with your Florist, it’s important to give them full disclosures on your budget and on your dream Florals! This will allow your Florist to work-up some honest options for your big day!

2. Use Flowers that are In Season!

The timing of your wedding on the calendar will always be a determining factor on what flowers are easier to get in that time of year! Real flowers come with real price tags. If the flowers you want are not “In Season” for your Wedding Date, you will more than likely have to pay more for your Florist to special order! Pro-Tip: If specific Florals are a huge priority in your Wedding Day, talk with your Florist about your dream flower’s availability and timing of the year before choosing a Wedding Day!

3. Use a Mix of Tall & Short Centerpieces!

Having a variety of Tall & Short centerpieces will change the game for the ambiance of your reception look! There is something magical about the intertwining mix of height, along with varying sprays of Florals that elevate a reception experience. Not only is the look important, but the cost is a great factor! You can still have some grand, taller pieces but you won’t break the bank on every table when you add in the shorter, smaller vases of Florals as well!

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She is thinking about things you aren’t thinking about, doing things you wouldn’t think to do, and taking care of stuff you would have lost had she not been there. The day of timeline that she created and communicated to our vendors allowed me the peace of mind that everyone knew where to be and when.

Katie was a vital part to making our wedding day flow so smoothly

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