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4 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planning

January 7, 2022

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your whole life! Your entire family and all of your friends will be there to support you as you and your fiancé promise forever. It’s a day that should be filled with joy, laughter, so much love and maybe even a few happy tears. It’s so important that you soak up and enjoy every single minute and detail of your special day. It’s a great idea for couples to hire a wedding planner because planners allow you to do just that, make sure you are stress free and present for your wedding! If you still aren’t convinced quite yet – here are my top 4 reasons to hire a wedding planner!

1. Budget Help

Planners take your top priorities, which are unique to you as a couple and help create a budget to show where you should spend your money to create a wedding that’s perfect for YOU! Maybe the reception entertainment is more important to you than the décor or maybe you prefer lots of fresh flowers instead of an open bar – all of these details are important to consider and will help you to only spend money where it matters to YOU!

2. Timeline Creation

On the wedding day there are SO many moving parts, so having a proper timeline is crucial to a smooth event. Planners know how much time to allocate for each thing to ensure that each part of your wedding is experienced and photographed/videoed properly. We’ll also make sure all of the vendors are on the same page and in the right place at the right time!

3. Vendor Recommendations

After working so many weddings, planners develop a great network of vendors partners that can be trusted to ensure the vision you have for your big day comes to life. In addition to being able to recommend great vendors, but they will already have your vision, theme and budget in mind which will help to save time and reduce your stress level! Bonus: When your planner and vendors already have a strong relationship, the planning and day-of the wedding will go all that much smoother!

4. Be Fully Present

Last, but most important (in my opinion) – planners allow you to soak up every minute and enjoy YOUR wedding day as a fully present bride. When the wedding day comes, it’s often the most stressful day in the whole planning process (many people don’t realize how many moving parts there are on the big day). Leaving the coordination to someone that has helped you through the whole process and you trust is such a big weight lifted off your shoulders.

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She is thinking about things you aren’t thinking about, doing things you wouldn’t think to do, and taking care of stuff you would have lost had she not been there. The day of timeline that she created and communicated to our vendors allowed me the peace of mind that everyone knew where to be and when.

Katie was a vital part to making our wedding day flow so smoothly

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